So you stumbled upon my humble little bite of the web, huh? My name's Fran, and I'm many things to many people. A storyteller, a visual artist, a scholar, an archer, a bit of a jackass. To you, I'm mostly the webmaster of this little portfolio / project.

As for the website, well, I got sick of using Google Drive and Instagram to host my art. Both those sites represent companies that, in turn, represent everything wrong with the modern web in my not-so-humble opinion. (shoutouts to google domains for the cheap URL btw lol)

This project started out with a template, but then my ADHD hit and I couldn't be bothered to read the documentation, so I did as neurodivergent does and decided to learn me some HTML / CSS instead :)
Besides showcasing my art, I'm not sure what the goal of this site is. Old web revival, maybe? A bit of a nostalgia trip, for sure... I dunno. I'm just having fun with it, to be honest. I hope you enjoy this place as much as I'm enjoying putting it together ♥

The code in this website, unless otherwise credited below, was written by me (admittedly with a lot of help, especially the foundational stuff). The same goes for all of the graphics used on the website, all painstakingly crafted in Aseprite for that genuine 98 PC feel.

I also have a ko-fi page set up, feel free to drop me a few quid if you feel like it. I won't lie, the money is probably gonna go towards my hobbies, but in a roundabout way, it would also help fund the website / my photography (all the overhead of those things comes from the same funds as everything else, lol). You can find it here :)

The opinions expressed, works displayed, language used, and other content present on this website do not represent any parties associated with me, or with whom I am associated. Everything in this website, unless clearly stated otherwise, is mine and mine alone.

Below are some shoutouts to some solid folks I love very much, and credits where they are due. Most of the websites linked in this section have their own guestbooks, so go wild, tell them Dad sent ya.

Friends on the New Old Web


Great lad, known him for years. Love the work he's doing on his page, he's the one in our friend circle who really kicked off our drive to join the New Old Web. Currently working on a game, as I understand it; I'm sure he'll tell you all about it in his blog. Make sure you check out his OCs too!


Where do I start with this guy? One of my oldest friends, and one of my dearest. Fancies himself a streamer, and he's a pretty damn good one at that. I love the stuff he's doing on his page, too, especially the daily Did You Know section. Kid wears his love for the Dreamcast on his sleeve, and I respect the hell out of that. His OCs are great, too (like Anonicus, he has a whole page dedicated to them! Don't tell him I said this, but Greg is still my favourite).

Credits / Attribution

April Tao / GitHub

for all the help with unraveling the mysteries of CSS, and providing some substantial help with the foundations of this website. Most of the code here would be spaghetti without her help :^]

Isaiah Odhner / 98.js

for the unfathomably cool, pure .js reconstruction of Win98 (which is saving me a lot of time setting up VMs just to refer to a working copy of the OS)

This website, and the works herein contained, © 2022 by dadhoc are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0